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Architectural Design is the main part of a construction & other designs are based on architectural design. For this purpose we need to pay more attention towards the shape of the land ,whether it consists of slopes and related expenditures. By considering the above conditions Imperial homes plans the design considering each & every aspect to complete the client's need with utmost satisfaction. Another significant fact is ,in planning stage IH is willing to do any changes giving the priority to client's satisfaction & it is provided free of charge.

Main Categories of Architectural design.
01. Council Drawing
02. Construction Drawings
2.1 Construction plans & Elevations
2.2 Doors & Window details
2.3 Roof & Ceiling derail drawings.
2.4 Tile Drawings
2.5 Sanitary fittings &Accessories details drawings
Structural designis also another part of a construction and stability of the completed building is based mainly on this. For this purpose IH consults well experienced engineers & provides our client, a drawing set which are approved by Charted Structural engineers. The client gets a vivid ideas regarding the stability of the construction through a structural design & the most important thing is Imperial homes can create the structural design without affecting the architectural design. This is very much profitable for our client because this prevents excessive usage of raw materials.

Main Categories of Structural design.
1.1 Foundation details
1.2 Tie beam details
02. Superstructure
2.1 Column & Beam details
2.2 Slab Details
2.3 Stair case details
2.4 Water Tank, Under Ground Sump& Plumbing related detail drawings etc...
MEP stands for mechanical electrical & plumbing. This can be considered as one of the basic things in the field of construction and the luxuriousness of the building mainly depends on it. It is very important to design a MEP to reduce excess expenditures and to create maximum luxuriousness.
Imperial homes expands in a wide area and all the designs are created by well qualified & experienced engineers in the field to give the best of our service.

Main Categories of MEP design
1.1 Kitchen & Toilet area Mechanical ventilation system
1.2 A/C System
02. Electrical
2.1 Power Layout
2.2 Lighting Layout
2.3 Conduit Layout
2.4 System Distribution details
2.5 Typical Installation details
03. Plumbing
3.1 Water supply system layout
3.2 Water supply details drawings (Toilets & Typical details)
3.3 Sewer & Waste water disposal system layouts
3.4 Sewer & waste water disposal system details (Toilets & Typical details)
3.5 Rain Water Disposal system
3.6 External manhole coordination layout.